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Michael J. Majors : PE/LS

Registered Civil Engineer/Land Surveyor, California, RCE 24880

Mike Majors has 40 years experience in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying field. In 1991 Mike Founded Majors Engineering/2M2 a Diversified Engineering Company. In 2007 Mike Founded The Majors Company and introduced (The Air-Serve Map). Mike manages the Northern California Region Clarksburg, Ca office and is owner and Senior Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor for the company and serves as principal for various types of civil projects.

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Walter Polk:

Walter has over 30 years experience in the Mechanical Engineering fields in the distribution world with extensive experience working with corporate clients with projects spanning multiple facilities. He is President of the Majors Company based in the corporate office in Memphis, Tn. Walter is responsible for the management of the Northern California Region in Clarksburg, Ca, and the Gulf Coast region Pensacola, Florida.

Michael N. Dooley:MBA, PE

Professional Registration: (1978) Civil & Environmental LA, No. 17152, Surveyor (AZ, 14721 & AZ, 16123)

Mike Majors has 35 years experience in Civil/Structural Engineering field and manages The Majors Company Gulf Coast region office in Pensocola, Florida. Mike also founded Sigma Consulting Group in 1987 and is owner and Senior Civil/Structural Engineer for the company. Mike serves as a principal for various types of projects.

Mike has served as LSU as an adjunct professor since 1998 teaching Statics and Reinforced Concrete Design.