"Efficiency attracts Excellence"

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the spills in the Gulf of Mexico, Mike saw the opportunity with his extensive back ground to offer a nationwide approach to ALTA policies that is better than the traditional ALTA survey, "AIR Serve Maps". Mike also saw the same needs in the Western region of the United States in the realm of the down turn in the economy.

Majors Engineering saw an opportunity in marketing a working relationship with highly qualified professionals whose businesses form a unique working environment enabling them to continue responding to the ever growing needs of the marketplace; and providing clients with the best services available throughout the country as an economic approach in the construction industry.

The key to Majors Engineering's success has been the ability to network with high quality, reliable, timely and cost-effective businesses in fulfilling the client's needs. By aligning these businesses through his many contacts, assortment of expertise and knowledge in the Land Tittle business, Engineering business, Land Surveying business and other servicing businesses; Create a Strategic Alliance in offering an array of Development Services throughout the United States.

Mike always said "Efficiency attracts Excellence". This directs Majors Engineering to provide the highest quality of professionals and services for it's clients.

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Strategic Alliances