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Michael J. Majors: PE/LS

Registered Civil Engineer/Land Surveyor, California, RCE 24880

Mike Majors has 40 years experience in the Civil Engineering and Land Surveying field. In 1991 Mike founded Majors/2M2 a diversified Engineering Company; Mike as been owner and Senior Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor for the company. He serves as principal for various types of civil projects. Administrative responsibilities include: financial planning and processing, hiring, handling annual feedback and review process and establishing organizational changes. Mike's experience is broad based and diverse including project management, design and plan preparation oversight, client liasion, project estimating, budgeting and contract negotiations.

Allen Bormuth: PE

Registered Civil Engineer/Land Surveyor, California, RCE 26865

Allen Bormuth has 40 years experience in the Civil Engineering and Land Surveying field. A professional engineer/surveyor focusing on Land Surveying for 20 years. Allen was an instructor at Sierra College, teaching surveying for several years and runs Majors Surveying and Engineering Depatment.

Bob Burdue: Designer/Production Manager

Bob Burdue has over 35 years experience as designer, survey coordinator and production manager in the retail commercial shopping centers, retail petroleum and private retail sector markets. Responsibilities are project management, design and plan preparation, project estimating, budgeting and supervision of research, design, permit processing and construction team and client liaison through government agencies.

Patrick Carter: Construction Manager

Patrick Carter has over 40 years of experience in construction management specializing in site development bid packaging, contract buyouts, pre-construction, contract administration, scheduling and supervision of field staff.

Bill Casson: Designer/Construction Manager

Bill Casson has over 45 years experience in development and construction management. Bill founded Commercial Services in 1980 and is located in San Ramon, Ca. Focusing on commercial shopping centers, feasibility studies, value engineering and public works projects. Bill was Vice President of Retail Commercial Department and Board of Directors of Majors Engineering, Inc.

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