Michael J. Majors operated as CEO, Majors Engineering, Majors Holding Company and Towill Incorporated, from 1975 to 1991. All were leading firms in Northern California specializing in retail centers, Fast food restaurants, retail petroleum and public projects. These companies utilized over 200 Engineers and Surveyors and dominated the Civil Engineering Industry in Northern California.

Michael retired in 1991, however, Michael recognized that Title Companies were downsizing an losing their expertise and becoming inefficient in servicing their clients. As a result, he saw a need to provide services to land purchase transactions as a support to the title insurance transaction. Therefore in 1993 Michael founded Majors/2M2 a Diversified Engineering Company. 2M2 is comprised of commercial real estate experts and utilizes Michael's vast array of contacts and knowledge in the Land TItle Business. In addition to Land Title Transactions, Michael also offers a wide array of Development services that provide entitlement acquisition, construction document preparation, permit approval and construction management services. 2M2 understands that timely permit and construction completion is primary to achieving our client;s project objectives.

In 2007 Michael realizes that technology advances allowed for a more efficient, streamlined methods to address ALTA surveys for title insurance. As a result, he started the Majors Company to introduce the "Air Serve Maps". The Majors Company can provide "AIr Serve Maps" throughout the United States and has offices in Tennessee, Ohio, Florida and California. (To learn more about the "Air Serve Maps", visit us at www.themajorscompany.com.)

Majors is widely recognized and respected as a leader in providing a full range of development engineering services, from Topographic Mapping, ALTA Surveys, "AIr Serve Maps" and GPS Arial Surveys.


Majors Engineering was established: 1975

Majors/2M2 Engineering was established: 1993

The Majors Company was established: 2007

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